Frustrated over who
will organize your safety program. 
Leave it to us
We'll build and train your safety teams,
both at the sites and at the District Office!


Whether we are training District Offices or school sites, our services are multi layered.  In regard to School Districts, ICS4Schools conducts a comprehensive training for handling a large scale incident utilizing the Incident Command System and assisting them with setting up their EOC.  In regards to sites, ICS4Schools assists with education, training and monitoring fire, earthquake, and intruder drills.  Drone flights are also utilized for hazard assessment identification.

2 Minute Drills

At ICS4Schools, we know that time is limited with school staff.  That's why we have developed our, "2 Minute Drills."  These videos convey information in a concise and effective way.  Whether you are on a computer or on personal screen device, you can view needed videos to understand core components of ICS and an actual "how to" to take care of those who need it the most...staff members and STUDENTS!!



Take a look at the school districts that are presently partnering with ICS4Schools.  Each school district places a very high value on the safety of their personnel and most of all their students.  All of these school districts understand the importance of having a consistent safety plan for every single site, as well as the District Office