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Keeping schools safe is our mission.

Empowering school districts with Emergency Response Protocol that ensures immediate mobilization and coordinated response to any emergency is our goal.


An Effective and Easy-to-Integrate Emergency Response Protocol

On campus security is one of the core concerns of every school district. Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of students and staff has taken on a heightened reality in today’s world. ICS4Schools was created to prepare school sites with an effective and organized emergency response protocol to easily align the flow of information and synchronized response to unexpected danger.

​Today, the ICS4S system is in high demand from schools due to its practicality, affordability, and the increasing need for school security.

Be Prepared Bell


A step-by-step program that enables school districts to implement customized Incident Command Systems

  • Initial site hazard assessment

  • Drone technology identifies campus perimeter

  • Possible breech areas of concern identified

  • Customized program presentation and training

  • Instruction and outline of staff roles and responsibilities

  • Joint preparedness exercises to assure emergency readiness

  • Playbook – comprehensive, easy-to-use, instructional

  • ICS4Schools app - Patented Emergency Notification Alerts

  • Emergency supply kits and backpacks for classrooms

  • Lanyards & laminated cards detail individual responsibilities

  • Annual refresher trainings also available

Blocks with Emergency Icons


ICS4Schools App — Patented Emergency Notification Alerts

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ICS4Schools: Meeting the Unique Needs of Today’s School Campuses

ICS4Schools was founded in 2007 by Santa Clara County (CA) retired Fire Captain, Joe Viramontez. The initial goal was to help local schools comply with Local, California, and Federal regulations requiring some level of Emergency Response capability. He quickly realized that his extensive professional experience with ICS (Incident Command System) could be easily adapted to meet the unique needs of schools.

Dr. Christine McCormick, Superintendent
Princeton Joint Unified School District

“We are thrilled with our partnership with ICS4Schools. The site visits, site mapping, hands on training, along with all the other resources ICS4Schools provided to principals and school staff has allowed them to feel confident to handle any type of school emergency.  Our school safety plan is at a much higher level of because of our work with ICS4Schools."

Partnering with Many of the Best Schools in the Region

Cabrillo Unified School District
San Ramone Valley Unified School District
Sunnyvale School District
Berryessa Union School District
Cambria School District
College Schood District
Metropolitan Education District
San Francisco School
Fullerton School District
Santa Clara County Office of Education
Live Oak Unified School District
FMSD School District
Campbell Union School District
Princeton Unified School District
Santa Clara Unified School District
Yuba City Unified School District
Saint Catherine
Sutter County Superintendent of Schools
Alta Vista School
Santa Ynez Valley Union High School District

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