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Be Prepared

Readying your team for an emergency is critical. Having easily accessible tools at the ready allows everyone to step in and help.


Heavy-Duty "EMERGENCY KIT" Backpack with 3 Compartments (Red)

  • Flashlight, with batteries

  • Drinking Water Pouch (4.22oz) 

  • Food Ration (2400 Calorie). Or numerous granola bars

  • Clipboard/Pencil/Pens or Emergency Response Playbook

  • Emergency Accountability/Attendance Form

  • "Green card/Red card"

  • Plastic Whistle with Lanyard

  • (3 packs) 4x4 sterile dressing

  • (3) Kerlex Rolls

  • (3) 1” tape

  • Sharpie permanent marker

  • Sling and Swath

  • 3-8x10 bandages

  • Pack of three particle mask

  • One pair of clear goggles/glasses

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Trauma scissors

  • Trauma dressings

  • Disposable gloves

  • Sterile gauze

  • 3-ice packs

  • Band aids

  • (1) Disposable yellow blanket

Emergency Backpack


Your Rolling Command Post

A crash cart is a rolling box that allows you to store everything you need to set up a command post. There may be times that a district or site cannot set up their command post inside a building due to extensive damage or an unsafe area. In that case, a crash cart is fast and easy to maneuver outside so that you essentially have a rolling command post. ICS4Schools can help you set up your crash cart and provide a comprehensive list of suggestions on what to include in your cart.

Crash Cart


A Mobile Tool Kit Will Help a School Manage a Large Scale Emergency

When you think of a Mobile Tool Kit, think of a rolling recycle bin that has an abundance of supplies that can help a school district or school site with managing a large scale disaster on their campus. The last thing administrators want to do during an emergency is run around and try to think about what it is they would need for setting up a command post, or setting up a triage area, or needing rescue equipment and having to find all of that in a matter of seconds. That just doesn't work! That's why a Mobile Tool Kit is so important. Below, you will find a sample list of equipment located within the Mobile Tool Kit.

  • 64 gal. recycle bin

  • Particle masks

  • Rope (refer to picture

  • Toilet paper (6 rolls

  • Helmets (4)

  • Gloves (leather, (4) each size)

  • Disposable gloves (1 box)

  • Hammers (2)

  • Small box of 16d and 8d nails

  • Pick axe, "firefighter axe"

  • Flat head axe

  • Pry bar, 5 footer and 3 footer

  • Crow bar, one small and one large

  • Duct tape (3 rolls

  • Screw drivers and Phillips

  • Light sticks (about 2 dozen

  • Disposable emergency yellow blankets (4)

  • Hand saw for wood. Large size about 2-3 feet long

  • Megaphone & extra batteries for megaphone

  • Disposable water packets, 5 year shelf life (1 case)

  • Wool blankets, sturdy enough to carry a patient (3)

  • First Aid supplies

  • Safety glasses (4)

  • Shovel

  • Flashlightw/batteries

  • Bolt cutter

  • 6 in1 tool orange

  • Trash bag (1)

Mobile Took Kit


Have Your Campus Assessed for Best Case Designated Areas

ICS4Schools assists school districts and school sites with a comprehensive safety plan that begins with a "hazard assessment" of every site.  During this assessment, ICS4Schools personnel and site administrators walk the entire campus, identifying and recommending best practices for safety response. Once these areas are identified, ICS4Schools builds response maps for easy identification of designated areas. Areas such as:  student evacuation area, parent check in for emergency release of students, reunification area for parents and students, utility shut offs, triage area, and any other specially needed area that needs to be identified. 


ICS4Schoold Hazard Assessment Maps
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