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Rapid Response Playbook

ICS4Schools Binder

Here’s why documentation and coordinated methodology help your teams.

Easy-to-Use and Easy-to-Understand

Easy-to-use and easy-to-understand

During an emergency, the last thing you want to do as a "responder" is comb through a safety binder that is about 2 inches thick. Responders have to have a reference playbook that tells you exactly what you have to do in a given role and most importantly, who you have to talk to. By understanding what your role is and who you oversee and who you report to, you've covered your bases to effectively handle your part of the emergency.

Compact Binder

Identifiable and compact

If your Rapid Response Playbook is placed with all of your other binders on a shelf, chances are your other binders are white or blue in color. The ICS4Schools Rapid Response Playbook has a red spine and is labeled with your specific role. At a glance, one can easily find the playbook and deploy it. Also, our Rapid Response Playbooks are compact, so if an emergency response team member wants to place our binder in their emergency backpack, they can easily do that.

Lanyards on Educators

Most educators wear lanyards

Because of that, we have designed an emergency lanyard that contains most of the information that is located within their Rapid Response Playbook. Every lanyard describes the duties, communication string, and a triage flow chart. So whether a responder has their Rapid Response Playbook with them or they simply have their lanyard, they can effectively handle their role within the emergency.

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Operations Lanyard
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