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ICS4Schools complete set of Rapid Response Playbooks are the first step of organizing an “all-hazard” response team at your site.  These distinctive and easily identifiable playbooks are designed to be used as a “ready reference” response tool.  Every team member will understand their role clearly, their duties, during an emergency, who they oversee, and most importantly, who they report to during an emergency. 

ICS Rapid Response Playbook - Incident Commander (District Office)

  • Each binder contains:

    1. Distinctive and well identified Playbook/Binder covers
    2. Identification branding to easily pick out where the binder is located
    3. Two interior sleeves to hold the ICS4Schools

    Sections include:

    1. Overall ICS Organization Chart
    2. Destinctive Role within ICS
    3. Duties of a particular role
    4. Emergency Action section
    5. ICS Form 214 for documentation
    6. Maps section containing hazard assessment maps, evacuation locations, Triage locations, utility locations, and emergency student release locations
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