The ICS4S system is a step-by-step program that enables school districts to implement customized Incident Command Systems at their schools.  Services include an initial site hazard assessment, program presentation, training on roles and responsibilities, and preparedness exercises.  Annual refresher training is also available.  A full set of easy-to-use instructional documentation is provided, including lanyards with laminated cards detailing individual responsibilities.  Complete kits of emergency supplies and classroom backpacks are assembled and supplied based on school size/needs.  And finally, ICS4Schools employs the use of a drone to capture overhead pictures of school sites to provide a unique look of target hazards located within a campus.

One of the key responsibilities of school officials in an emergency is the organized release of students to parents or guardians.  ICS4Schools has developed a specialized App to facilitate this critical function.  The App is an additional cost with ICS4S implementation. 

Joe Viramontez and his team work personally with school districts and individual schools to simplify the process of implementing ICS4S.  Each step is designed to build on the previous one, with the goal of making school officials feel confident that they are prepared for an Emergency. 


Schools can count on the experienced, professional emergency responders at ICS4Schools for implementation support year after year.