When you think of a "Mobile Tool Kit," think of a rolling recycle bin that has an abundance amount of supplies that can help a school district or school site with managing a large scale disaster on their campus.  Why would you need a "rolling" bin for all of your supplies?  The answer to that is simple;  the last thing administrators want to do during an emergency is run around and try to think about what it is they would need for setting up a command post, or setting up a triage area, or needing rescue equipment and having to find all of that in a matter of seconds.  That just doesn't work!  That's why a "Mobile Tool Kit" is so important.  Below, you will find a sample list of equipment located within the Mobile Tool Kit and some pictures to give an idea of what can fit in it.

Sample contents:


64 gal.  recycle bin

Particle masks
Rope, refer to picture
Toilet paper, 6 rolls
Helmets, 4 of these
Gloves, leather (4) ea size

Disposable gloves (1 bx)
Hammers (2)
Small box of 16d and 8d nails
Pick axe, "firefighter axe"
Flat head axe
Pry bar, 5 footer and 3 footer
Crow bar, one smaller and one Iarger
Duct tape, three rolls
Screw drivers and Phillips
Light sticks, get about 2 dozen
Disposable emergency yellow blankets, 4 of them
Hand saw for wood. Large size about 2-3 feet long
Megaphone & extra batteries for megaphone
Disposable water packets, 5 year shelf life, 1 case

Wool blankets, sturdy enough to carry a patient on (3)
First Aid supplies
Safety glasses (4)
Bolt cutter
6 in1 tool orange
Trash bag (1)