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ICS4Schools, at it's core, is an Emergency Management Group.  But ICS4Schools believes in a multifaceted approach to safety response.  One of our biggest accomplishments is the development and PATENTED mobile response app.

This proprietary and patented app, fully compliments the comprehensive training ICS4Schools provides.  Below, you can see some of the features our mobile response app provides.

Emergency Reporting System

The "Emergency Reporting System," is our patented cornerstone.   With this feature, users will no longer be "in the dark" on their campus, workplace, event, or venue.  If an emergency or notification is recorded, everyone that is enrolled and  opt-in within our app will now be notified in seconds.  Gone are the days where many people at schools have said, "we had no idea what was going on because we are at the back of the campus."  Now, every single person, anywhere, can report and receive emergency notifications.

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Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 1.12.43 PM.png


Documentation is pivotal, especially during emergencies.  But there are many times where people are just too busy to record information on paper and hope that you remember where that paperwork is after the emergency is over.  ICS4Schools utilizes the ICS Form 214 for this function.  AND, it is on our app.  So now, you can simply speak into your phone for each and every documented event that takes place under your role.  Every documented event is time-stamped and captured by each team member.  

When it comes to liability, documentation will be what courts stand on.  With this function, all of your documented events will be captured within one, concise app...at your finger tips.

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Maps are always a good tool during emergencies.  Just like in the Fire Service, maps provide needed information with a simple glance.  At ICS4Schools, we place maps within our app.  As I mentioned above, maps on paper are a very simple means of location identification.  But if that map falls out of a binder or someone places the map down at a location and then forgets where that map is, then we have a problem.  However, if we can go to one location to find multiple maps with multiple target hazards or identifications, how much easier would that be?  Below is one example of our maps produced with the use of a drone camera.

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 2.37.28 PM.png