ICS4Schools Mission Statement:

"ICS4Schools exists, to prepare school districts and school sites to organize and mobilize their personnel during emergencies, and to ensure that their students and staff are
safe, secure and accounted for."

ICS4Schools was founded in 2007 by retired Fire Captain, Joe Viramontez with the Santa Clara County (CA) Fire Department. The goal was to help South Bay schools be compliant with local, California and Federal regulations requiring Emergency Response capability.  Using his extensive professional experience with ICS (Incident Command System), Joe adapted the time-tested system to the unique needs of schools.  Today, the ICS4S system is in high demand from schools statewide due to its practicality, affordability and the increasing needs for school security.

ICS4Schools relies on a staff of retired emergency responders to serve and support school sites and districts to build safety teams at each and every site.  Some additional staff include an Executive Assistant, a Development team to assist with and constantly improving our mobile app platforms, and a sales/marketing team to improve branding.