ICS4Schools Mission Statement:

"ICS4Schools exist, to prepare school districts and school sites to organize and mobilize their personnel during emergencies, and to ensure that their students and staff are

safe, secure and accounted for."

ICS4Schools was founded in 2007 by retired Fire Captain, Joe Viramontez with the Santa Clara County (CA) Fire Department. The goal was to help South Bay schools be compliant with local, California and Federal regulations requiring Emergency Response capability.  Using his extensive professional experience with ICS (Incident Command System), Joe adapted the time-tested system to the unique needs of schools.  Today, the ICS4S system is in high demand from schools statewide due to its practicality, affordability and the increasing needs for school security.

Joe Viramontez
CEO and Founder

Joe Viramontez is a 29 year veteran (retired) with the Santa Clara County Fire Department.  Joe is also the CEO and Founder of ICS4Schools.  Joe began his fire service career in 1982 with the Redwood City Fire Department.  After two and a half years with the City of Redwood City, Joe was hired by the Santa Clara County Fire Department.  Joe served as a firefighter for approximately 8 years and in 1990, Joe was promoted to the rank of Fire Captain.  While at Santa Clara County, Joe was instrumental in the Public Education Bureau that served public schools.  While educating students and staff members at schools, Joe quickly realized that there was a large need for emergency preparedness within school sites.  So for the last 11 years, ICS4Schools has developed partnerships with numerous school districts throughout California helping them with comprehensive safety plans and emergency response. 

Pete Spatafore
Site Service Provider

Pete Spatafore is a retired (2010) Fire Engineer with Sacramento Metro Fire District with 31+ years of service. Pete began his fire service career while still in high school as a volunteer with Arcade Fire District. Pete was hired by that same department in 1979. During his service, Arcade merged with American River F.D., then again with Sacramento County F.D. to become Sacramento Metro F.D. For most of his career. Pete was assigned to Engine Companies including being certificated as a Decontamination Specialist. Pete has a Bachelor of Arts degrees from California State University, Sacramento as well as a degree from American River College in Fire Science. Pete has specialized training in Fire Prevention, Certified Fire Officer and in mass casualty incident EMS.  Pete continues to serve his community and is active at church. When not at ICS4Schools or church, he is most likely playing golf or traveling.

Darrell Cortez
Site Service Provider

Darrell is is 30 yr. veteran of the San Jose Police Department. During his career, he worked assignments in Field Training Officer, DEA,  NCI ( Narcotics Covert Investigations) and BNE(CA Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement), Crime prevention, and the School Liaison Unit. He  was responsible for training School Dist staff on "Code Red " drills. A "Code Red" is utilized when an actual crisis situation or impending threat has occurred on the school campus. This includes but is not limited to: shots fired, weapons assault, explosions, hostage situations and natural disasters. He facilitated the program for Santa Clara County schools. He has extensive training in crisis management and First Aid response.  He was also a member of the Critical Incident Team (CIT) to deal with subjects that have mental disabilities.   Darrell holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminology from San Jose State Univ. He is a guest speaker to Criminal Justice majors at various colleges in the area.

Since retirement, Darrell has  been involved in his community serving on many local non-profit boards.  He is the Founder and Executive Director of a local non-profit, Shop with a Cop Foundation of Silicon Valley that provides educational outreach programs for at-risk youth and an annual holiday shopping spree for under-served children.  Darrell has received numerous awards and recognitions for his volunteer work in the community.

Gil Smith
Site Service Provider

Gil Smith is a retired Fire Captain with 30 years of experience with the Santa Clara County Fire Department.  Gil started his fire service career with the IBM Corporation in the mid 1980's.  Along with his firefighter duties, he began teaching various emergency response procedures to adults.  In 1990, Gil accepted a position with the Santa Clara County Fire Department where he continued educating himself and the public.  Gil operated as a Paramedic, SWAT Medic, Rescue Technician, Hazardous Materials Specialist, and a member of the Special Operations Task Force.  Gil continued instructing adults and children throughout his 30 years in the fire service and continues today teaching ICS and emergency procedures to schools.

Graesson Berbano
Site Service Provider

Graesson Berbano is a retired (2011) Fire Captain with 28 years of service in the Santa Clara County Fire Department.  During his career he has attended the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland, worked as a Hazardous Materials Specialist and served on the Department Safety Committee as well Public Education/Speakers Bureau for several years.  He has also taught Hazardous Materials Safety and Medic First Aid training in private industry with Experienced Safety Educators (San Jose, CA).  Graesson has nine years past combined experience substitute teaching in the Stockton Unified and Cabrillo Unified School District (Half Moon Bay, CA).  He holds an Associate Degree in Fire Science from San Joaquin Delta College and a Bachelor of Public Administration from the University of San Francisco.

Sandy Wood
Executive Administrator

Sandy Wood has served 25 years in the corporate world.  Throughout those years, Sandy has taken on a myriad of responsibilities to allow her to have a balanced and well-positioned role while climbing the corporate ladder.  Sandy invested a large part of her career with Subway Development Company where she began as an Administrative Assistant. Sandy was then promoted to  Field Consultant, and eventually promoted to the position of Director of Operations.   As a Field Consultant, Sandy managed over forty stores every single month. Some of the duties that Sandy provided included:  on-site staff training, developing and generating reports for data analysis, and developing enhanced productivity and efficiency models. While promoting through the ranks within Corporate America, Sandy enhanced her professional portfolio by taking on the position of Director of Operations.   As a Director of Operations, Sandy served as a Franchisee Liaison, Field Staff Manager, and Office Staff Manager. While in this role, Sandy oversaw and directed annual company seminars, as well as organizing and producing trade shows presentations.   Transitioning to the ICS4Schools team will allow Sandy to continue her professional network as an Executive Administrator

Mark Norman
Site Service Provider

Mark Norman is a retired Fire Captain with the Santa Clara County Fire Department.  Mark has 31 years of fire service experience and he is a California Certified Fire Instructor.  Mark also attended the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland.  While attending the National Fire Academy, Mark focused his education in area of public education.  Mark also has extensive experience teaching Fire Science at Mission College in Santa Clara.

Bob Connolly
Site Service Provider

Robert (Bob) Connolly is a retired (2012) Fire Capt, Santa Clara County Fire Protection District.  Bob was an EMS first responder while attending UMass starting in 1975 in the Boston area where he was born in 1952. He relocated to the Los Angeles area in 1976 to attend Danial Freeman paramedic Training while working for Medevac incorporated as an EMT. After completing paramedic training in 1978 and gaining experience in the San Gabriel Valley as a medic he relocated to Santa Clara County as a paramedic supervisor and, EMT instructor for Mission College, Hartnell and Cabrillo College.

Bob started his fire career with Campbell Fire in 1983 as a paramedic firefighter. When Cambell Fire Department merged with Santa Clara County Bob worked to help start the paramedic program with County Fire. Bob was promoted to Fire Captain and Cupertino Firefighter of the Year in Cupertino in 1999. Bob worked as a fire captain in Santa Clara County Fire Special Operations and FEMA Task Force 3 in Menlo Park. He finally received his diploma in Vocational Ed in 2009 from Cal State Long Beach.

Bob retired in 2012 and still maintains contact with the fire service while performing his duties as a grandfather. Bob also spends his time travelling, developing skills in photography, helping with local charities like Fishes and Loaves, bicycling and playing golf.

Jose Guerro
Site Service Provider

Jose Guerrero is a retired Battalion Chief for the San Jose Fire Department.  Jose worked for 27 years in various positions such as Firefighter, Engineer, Captain and Battalion Chief.  Most of this time, he worked in the area of Field Operations responding and handling emergency and non-emergency situations as he responded from various fire stations.  In addition, he worked in Administrative Positions as a Fire Training Captain coordinating and facilitating training to other firefighters working out of the Fire Academy.  As a Battalion Chief, he also managed the Fire Department Training facility.  Other duties and responsibilities include working as a department Public Information Officer, Wildland Officer, Telestaff Coordinator, Fire Airport Manager and Administrative Battalion Chief.

Jose has impacted the lives of hundreds of students in the Silicon Valley through his volunteer work with the North Valley Soccer League and Saint John Vianney School in San José. Jose has received numerous awards and recognitions by his peers and community members including Firefighter of the Year, Devoted Service Award, and La Familia Award.  In retirement Jose continues his community involvement by working as a Site Service Provider sharing his working knowledge of ICS as it relates to school emergencies. 

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